• 25 • 1 Kings 2:2 • dicere verum • αρετή • 無限 • wir sinde alle Bildungsroman •

The Peregrine wheeled lazily south, a landscape of shallow hills framed the endless horizon providing minimal reference point in which to situate the smallness of Mile’s perception. From above, the infinite field of clouds took on geographic characteristics, cirruses wisping like barley fields and great, billowing cumulus anchoring the horizon like mountains. “It was nearly impossible,” he thought to himself, “that mankind should be seeing as the falcons do.”

To my wife, with whom life is meant to be spent selflessly and exhaustively:

I would like to speak first to our witnesses, then to our future family, and third directly to you, my love.

To Our Witnesses

Since I first realized my deep affection for her, not a day goes by that…

And one day everything heinous and crass will fade away

And all that will be left is the steps of the rhythm in time

Graceful motions under heavenly bodies as extremities cut through air and space opens to reveal the deeply melodic patterns of souls in cadence.

I, too, would…

And when you sleep

Drink deep of the numinal world

The passing of joys in quietest parade

Flashing eyes in twilight and pattering rains in moonlight stir an aching soul to sonder.

Wistful, piercing; the eyes gaze forward.

Onward. Upward.

In our increasingly fractured society there are two fundamental ethical dispositions in competition for supremacy, one you could say is basically conservative, the other essentially liberal.

Conservatism as a political philosophy is primarily defined by its reliance on deontological ethics, nationalism, limited government, fundamentally Austrian economics, and natural law; while…

Towering shelves of dusty volumes grace Gothic architecture

Pint sized exuberance traverses the echoing halls.

Murals dispense wisdom high above my meager stature

enclaves filled with parchment scent

Inspiration flows tangibly through stone walls and leather bindings

Clay and enamel tiling precludes all pretense of silence.

Walking monastic passages and stairwells rivaling Kilimanjaro in scope, an adventure never ceasing to the undying creativity of a child’s mind.

I mentally retrace these paths and wonder

to where have the ancient wisdoms departed.

Peaceful, arid evening lit in archaic fashion. Soul waxing poetic in the dim light of oil lamps as the dull breeze of winters dwindling breath seeps through window screens. Raucous neighbors divert attention from our flickering outlines on the walls. It’s as if the room itself is breathing as the changing temperatures creates pockets of convective air and lamp light dances.

I’d like to think somewhere long ago, in 500bc, a wary couple sits drinking in the night air and kissing by the lamp light, the sounds of the night creatures the only companion to their whispers.

It has been just so for generations, the ghost of Eros gently enflaming hearts and minds, plumbing this unending fathom in psyche and soul that flows outward and washes all it touches in a ubiquitous convalescence of spirit.

Saint Paul delivering the speech at the Areopagus in Athens, by Raphael, 1515.

I’ve been asked to lead my bible study through this passage and I’ve recorded my notes for the discussion here.

— A Socratic Dialogue on First Thessalonians 3 —

Where, When

Set & Setting: Written 50AD to the church at Thessalonica, during Paul’s first missionary journey. …

Andrew D. Shumaker

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